The Club held its annual Food Drive on Friday September 22 to assist the Food4Kids Niagara Program. Club members staffed collection bins at two No Frills stores located at 581 Lake Street and at 525 Welland Avenue from 1 to 5 p.m.
As reported by Marlene, “Despite the current economic climate, shoppers at the two locations dug deep this year. After sorting and counting at Food4Kids, the Community responded by donating over $3,900 in requested food items and an additional $1.235 in monetary donations. The total $5,135 was more than 28% higher than last year’s $4,000 total.”
Food4Kids provides packages of healthy food for children up to 14 years with limited or no access to food each weekend. The food packages are assembled by volunteers and delivered to schools each Friday to ensure children have nourishment over the weekend. There are over 1500 children in Niagara struggling through each weekend without enough food.