GUEST SPEAKER: Jaclyn Willms on Fitness and Well being
PRESIDENT:           Linda Landry, presiding
Sergeant at Arms:  Gary Chard
Anthem :               Marc Johnson
Grace:                   Bruce Timms
Registration:          Janet Allen
Attendance:            22
Birthdays:              Joy and Willy
Happy $:                Gary Chard
Editor:                   Joy Flegg
Guests and Visiting Rotarians:  Prospective member Cindy Rourke, and guest speaker Jaclyn Willms
President Linda: Keep Asplin family in our prayers; Dec 5th NOTL Christmas Season House Tour tickets on sale now, $25; must account for ALL Season's Cheer Tickets, please DO NOT lose your envelope, the draw is December 16th; we will lay a wreath at the cenetaph on Nov 11. the event will be followed by a reception at the Legion; Penny Hutton is seeking nominations for District Governor for 2018-2019; there is a matching grant in effect from now until December, all proceeds going for endoscopic equipment for the new hospital; new policy from RI regarding club insurance for all of our events, be sure to check with Pres. Linda if you are responsible for an event.
Sandi Chard: attended the District Conference along with Marlene, Gary, Clarice, Jim, Melody and Mary. Past member, John Davis, was on a printed Honor Roll program for members who have passed in 2015; Clarice is to get a copy to the family.
Randi: November 18th theatre event to replace weekly meeting. 3 tickets remaining (15$)
Al Scales: New Generations meeting called following next week's regular meeting
Janet Allen: needs a volunteer for Nov 1st bingo; thank you Bruce for stepping up
Gary Chard:  membership committee is requesting that all members who may have a candidate to put forward to please send him their name. A club letter will be addressed to that person.
Joy introduced Jaclyn Willms, her personal health and fitness trainer. She put us through a hands on demonstration of how sitting has become the new smoking. Get up and move it to reduce the risk of diabetes, heart attack and more. Good posture was also part of the agenda. Janet, our fitbit guru, thanked Jaclyn.
Many for Jaclyn.
Sandi happy to report that each time a member participates in a District activity (ex. District Conference, foundation dinner etc) he/she receives a wooden nickel/penny. There is some sort of prize at the end of the Rotary year.
Janet has two more pills to go to get off the meds that helped stabilize her blood situation.
Many from the flock of snowbirds
50/50 DRAW
Marc Johnston pulled the 8 of clubs :(
Meeting adjourned 7:40pm
Russell Hampton
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