CLASSIFICATION: Gary Snider, Real Estate Agent & Broker with Sotheby's Int'l Realty, spoke about his personal background as well as his professional life. Gary's life was hugely impacted by the death of his father, Jack Snider, WWII Bomber pilot and Captain of TCA Flight # 831 that crashed leaving Montreal en route to Toronto on November 29th, 1963. It was the worst aviation disaster in North America at the time. As a result of that crash, the 'Black Box' became a permanent fixture on all flights. Gary has 2 daughters, lives in Fonthill and has been working in real estate for almost 20 years. He received a warm welcome from the club.
NEWS FROM REGIONAL COUNCILLOR, Bruce Timms. Bruce spoke on the topic of 'Where do your taxes go' as well as how is the City portion used as well as that of the Region.
50/50 DRAW: Emilio Raimondo is captured trying to explain why he left behind the Ace of Spades (when there were only 2 cards to choose from).