Presiding:  President Linda Landry
Sergeant at Arms:  Gary Chard
Anthem Emilo Raimondo
Grace:  Randy Dyck
Registration :  Janet Allen
Attendance:  23
Birthdays:  Phil Asplin, Peter Robinson
Anniversaries:  Len and Annette 15 years
                       Mary Howard October 11 2006-joined rotary
                        Peter Robinson OCtober 17, 2007 joined rotary
Topic:  Club Assembly
Guests:  Bob Birrell, Elaine Richard
1. Downtown Ghost Walk for October 21 at 7:45 cost $8.00-open to friends please see Bob Miller-sign up only-Dinner at Holiday Inn first 6:15
 2. Season's Cheer to literacy-tickets now available
 3. Foundation Dinner at Salvatores November 6- registration open -We have a table going if you would like to join us
4.  leave of Absences granted at board meeting tonight for Andy Pontello 1 year, Jon Asplin 2 months, Marlene Mader OCtober 29-Dec 3 January 7-March 24
5  donations for Foundation were resent on September 16 from  The original was June 12.  Please see your trash in your email for the receipt.  If you still have not found please contact   with your rotary number for them to reissue
6. Dave Wilkenson,Bob Miller and Sandi Chard were thanked for stepping in on short notice to attend the grant seminar on Saturday
7.  Polio plus flag raising with the three clubs on Friday October 23, at City Hall at 9:am.  Please attend if you can
8.  Remembrance Day the three clubs will lay a joint wreath
President Linda talked on FEST-her years "motto"-Fun, Effectiveness, Sustainability, Transparency-how all is working to make our club stronger
Budget for 2015-16 has been approved and is on club runner
New Generations-update from Al Scales on season's of cheer tickets , 5 schools involved in our home reading program, recruiting  with volunteers from Niagara College.  Selling crafts of Linda Jones and Milica at two craft shows coming up
World and Community-Tracy discussed that world and community is together this year along with polio plus.  They are having their first meeting tonight
Registration/Sgt at Arms-running smoothly
Fellowship-having fun!!!-
Membership-new provisional members category, protocol on how to propose a new member-see club runner
Foundation:  Sandi discussed club recognition points for Paul Harris,  If you wish to increase your givings to Foundation you can in two ways-thru or ask Sue to increase your givings.
Constitution was discussed by President Linda in respect to how the board and committees work.  The committees control to club not the board  Membership should respect the decisions of the committees.  It was discussed if you have concerns get on a committte or attend a board meeting
Happy $$$
-Jim-drive up to take the Agawa Canyon Train Tour-2 days driving to find out it was broken down-two days back home
-Bob-great feeling adoption is very close
Janet-Bingo was Fun-Mary agreed
Milica-her son has gotten another achievement award
many more
50/50 draw  pot $19.50   Jack of Clubs pulled by Bob Miller
Next week:  Rock to the Lock