October 5 will be a Club Assembly
Club Assembly is October 5 2016
Please be advised that we will be voting as a club on these 3 changes
  1. That the club adopts a one-year pilot project of bi-weekly meeting (second and fourth Wednesday or first and third) from January 2017 for one year as unanimously approved by the September 2016 board meeting
    _________________aprove  ________________disagree
  1. That the club change its bi-laws to reflect removing six membership criteria from the RI Constitution and replacing them with a simple requirement that a member be a person of good character who has a good reputation in their business or community and is willing to serve the community.
    ___________________approve _________________disagree
  1. That our Family Membership category to include any family member (not just those residing at the same address) provided that the family member live in the Niagara Region.
    ________________approve  ___________________disagree
The vote will be by written ballot.  We wish participation by the entire club as this is an important step forward.  Please be prepared to vote that day after discussion or if you are not present you my email to myself at sandichard@gmail.com
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