REBOOT again
This club continues with REVIEW, RESOLVE  and REBOOT, at the last meeting a vote was taken to continue with the 2 meetings a month on a permanent basis and it was approved by a majority vote.
 This also included email votes sent in by members who were out of town and time was alloted at the end of the meeting, prior to the vote for  discussion.
 We look forward to getting new members now that we are offering the reduced meeting schedule.
 Once again our thanks to Marlene Mader and her membership committee for their fine work in getting the information out to the membership and the presentation to the board.
 Our next meeting August 9th. will also offer a review of our Literacy program which will be brought to a special board meeting and if approved be presented to the membership at this important meeting, so  mark your calendar to come out and discuss the future of this important project.