Join the Rotary Club of St. Catharines Lakeshore at our Charles Ansel Park (Bunting Road and Lakeshore Road beside Lock One on the Welland Canal) to save our small piece of the environment. We will be doing a litter clean-up covering the Park and its abutting lands along the Welland Canal Parkway and Bunting Road itself and north of the Park across Lakeshore Road to the end of the City’s Lock One property. Pincher sticks, sweeper pans and litter bags will be provided. To join in, please contact Bruce Timms at 905-681-2861.
Protecting the Environment is one of our Rotary's key Areas of Focus, On April 22nd, Fifteen Rotary Districts surrounding the Great Lakes, including our own District 7090 covering Niagara and upstate New York, are joining in the largest Rotary International Club Service initiative ever.
Trash, plastics and other littered items plague our waterways.  This trash posses a threat to terrestrial and aquatic life, often becomes microplastics and harmful toxins and pollutes one of the most precious and limited natural resources. More than 22 million pounds (48.4 million kilograms) of trash and plastic pollution ends up in the Great Lakes each year.
The Great Lakes Watershed Cleanup initiative is an effort that has grown from a District 7090 service project covering a small portion of Lake Ontario and Erie to a multi-district plan to focus Rotarians’ attention to all 5 of the Great Lakes and streams and waterways feeding them.  Our goal is to make this the single largest cleanup event ever planned and coinciding with the week of Earth Day 2023 on the Great Lakes Watershed.  The Great Lakes contains almost 20% of the world’s fresh water and is arguably the largest source of fresh water on the planet.  It borders 8 States and 2 Provinces and has 9,577 miles (15,323 kilometers) of shoreline.  So far 15 Districts, 100’s of Clubs and thousands of Rotary volunteers have agreed to participate.  We will be joining over one billion people worldwide working on projects together in their communities on Earth Day.