President's Message
Kent Chisholm
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Hard to believe we are are in the Holiday Season and I am half way through my year as your President.  I want to take this opportunity to wish you all a very merry Christmas and all the  Best for the Holiday Season.  
We have so many talented members and one of our best is Phil Horner whose talent for writing poems comes through at this time of the year.
As I sat down to write my Season wishes I read Phil's poem presented at our last social evening and it reflected all I had in mind.
Yours in Rotary
New Story August 26 2017
August 23, 2017 -
Keynote Speaker
-Owen Bjorgan
An Enthusiastic young man with a passion for nature and the outdoors.  Born and raised in Niagara on the Lake and a former Rotary Exchange Student to Australia.  He spoke to us about his new business (spring 2017) called Biophilic World Hiking Tours.
 After earning his Bsc. in Biodiversity and trekking and  camping around the world he now  guides tours solely in the Niagara Region,  this includes The Niagara Escarpment, Carolinian Forests, Niagara Wetlands and Shorelines.
 His tours are geared to all ages groups and physical abilities.
 He is a one stop shop now looking after guiding and marketing of tours and will customize to almost any needs/tasks.
 This includes possible winery and brewery stops and prepared meals.
 Highlights were images of all nature found in our backyard, that included waterfalls, forests, beaches and lots of wildlife.
He was thanked by Bob Miller.
Paul Harris Community
Excited to announce our new Paul Harris Fellow for community Debbie Burch and Richard Lafontaine presented by ADG Cathy Henry
Gary Landry Home Reading Program Volunteers
Without our volunteers in the Gary Landry Reading Program our commitment to 5 St Catharines Elementary Schools would not exist.  Linda does a great job of coordinating 20 volunteers in the schools.  At the recent meeting 4 of the students were on hand to inform us how important the program is to them as well.  Thank you to our volunteers and Linda for their on going support.  Remember we are looking for volunteers for the program.
Five Avenues of Service Explained
Rotary Club guiding principles include the Four-Way Test (Truth, Fairness, Goodwill and Friendship)  Other principals involve Rotary's commitment to Service above Self, which is channeled through Five Avenues of Service:  Club, Vocational, Community, International and New Generations.
Club Service works to strengthen fellowship of members through training and hospitably.  Clubs have serious topics to work toward, so having various social events that bring members and their guest informally and for fun, contributes to genuine fellowship
Vocational Service encourages members to serve other people through their vocations, education, skillsets, which encourages high ethical standards
Community Service is exactly what the name implies-projects and activities  each club undertakes to improve community life. 
International Service volunteers work to expand the Rotarians humanitarian work around the world.  This important service promotes understanding and peace, sponsors projects in other countries and works with international partners to support projects in their communities
New Generation Service works to engage youth and young adults in leaderships roles.
Plant Sale
Rotarian Ed Telenko updated the club on the activities and success stories of the Boys & Girls Club.
Member Janet Allan thanked Ed for how he uses his artistic talent to enrich the lives of so many children.
Rotary Learning Institute
On Saturday DG Marlee (a new American Citizen) presented graduation certificates and pins to two couples of Rotary.  The Chards from our Club and The Dawsons from Simcoe-Norfolk Sunrise.  Also taking course one was Beth and Janet
Jun 27, 2018
Cancelled due to International Conference in Toronto.
Jul 11, 2018
Presidential Changeover.
Jul 25, 2018
Awards and Slapshot.
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Meeting Responsibilities
Boyko, Patricia
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Chisholm, Kent
Horner, Phil
Richard, Elaine
Heidbuechel, Willy
Thurs. Dec. 28th - Marlene Mader and Ellen Wodchis
Fri. Jan. 12th - Emilio Raimondo And ?
Thurs. Jan. 25th - Bob Birrell and Gillian Reed

Bingo volunteers-please contact Mary to fill in the blanks-two needed for each bingo

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