Speaker Date Topic
Rotary Information Session. Nov 28, 2018
Strategic Planning.
Christmas Party. Dec 12, 2018
Holiday Inn Parkway.

NO Board Meeting.....

CANCELLED. Dec 26, 2018
Boxing Day.
Mary Jane Johnson. Jan 09, 2019
Hotel Dieu Shaver Foundation.
Janet Veale. Jan 23, 2019
Coordinator for the Breakfast Program at St. Georges Church.

Janet Veale is the coordinator for the Breakfast Program at St. Georges Church.

She was one of the founding members when it was begun in 1996 and has been involved ever since.


Ellen. Feb 27, 2019
Rotary Information Session.
Literacy Progam Update. Mar 27, 2019
Volunteer Recognition.
Joint Rotary Lunch Meeting. Apr 17, 2019
Annual Meeting of local clubs - Holiday Inn Parkway.
Susan Chapman. Apr 24, 2019
The Lung Association of Ontario.

Susan Chapman

The Lung Association - Ontario
762 Upper James Street, Suite 278, Hamilton ON L9C 3A2
Cell: 905-745-7416


When you can’t breathe, nothing else matters.





Ellen. May 08, 2019
Paul Harris Awards Night.