Garden Virtual Donor Wall
The Clarice West Hobbs Contemplative Garden
Virtual Donor Wall
Clarice and the Rotary Club of St. Catharines Lakeshore would like to thank the following for their generous support of The Clarice West Hobbs Contemplative Garden
Each of the donors named below has had an integral part in supporting and fulfilling Clarice West-Hobbs' dream of establishing a beautiful garden at the St. Catharines Hospital site, where patients and staff could enjoy a brief respite.
The Clarice West Hobbs Contemplative Garden, situated along the entire west-facing facade of the hospital building, provides an oasis of walkways, benches, pergolas, lighting, flowering trees and perennials to create an extensive garden that will fulfills Clarice's vision. Already heavily used by staff, patients and visitors alike, easily accessible from all parts of the hospital, and removed from the major parking and entry areas, the site features the "Labyrinth", an area of etched circles on the concrete used by Mental Health at the hospital to recognize patients as they make “their Journey back to Health”.
Bob and Janet Allan
John Armstrong and Family
Ken and Joanne Atkinson and Family
Bob and Mary Birrell
Mary Birtch and Family
Patricia Boyko
Gary and Sandi Chard
Patt Chivers
Catherine Cookman
Sue Culp
In Memory of Jim Cunningham
In Memory of Josephine DeRose
Meredith Jackson Donohue
Norm Durward
Randi Dyck
Joy A Flegg and Family
Friendship Force Niagara
Bonnie Taylor Gillings and Family
Harvie and Violette Hagerty
Andrew Hall and Family
Bill and Sandy Harkness
Barbara Harris
Willy Heidbuechel and Family
Mary Howard
Eric and Linda Jones
Milica Kovacevich and Family
Joseph and Yvette Kushner
Karin Lampman

Eleanor Lancaster
Marlene E. Mader
Annette Marchionda and Len Hume
Sue McEwen and Family
Bob and Liz Miller
Dr. Emilio Raimondo and Family 
Retired Teachers of Ontario / Les enseignantes et enseignants retraites de l'Ontario (RTOERO), District 14 Niagara
Retired Women Teachers of Ontario / Organisation des enseignantes retraitees de l'Ontario, St. Catharines Branch
Rotary Club of St. Catharines Lakeshore
Rotary Club of St. Catharines South
Lesley Jean Seaborne
In Memory of Bill Smith
Colleen Smith
Sharon and Willard Thorne
Bruce Timms and Coral Cutler
Courtney Usborne and Family
David and Carolyn Vilim
Marilyn Weber and Mort Sider
Doug and Else Weeks and Family
Iain and Erika West
Steven, Barbara and Christopher West
Ellen Wodchis
Rhonda Young
Colleen Zoellner and Family