Creating a quiet respite at the St. Catharines Hospital

Fulfilling a Rotarian's Dream

Clarice West Hobbs, a long-time member of the Rotary Club of St. Catharines Lakeshore and Chair of the Club's World & Community Service Committee, had a dream of establishing a beautiful garden at the St. Catharines Hospital site, where patients and staff could enjoy a brief respite. With her untimely passing in 2020, the Club decided to support her dream by developing The Clarice West-Hobbs Contemplative Garden to be located along the entire west-facing facade of the hospital building. For more information on Clarice, please see her Profile in the section below.
With the support of the Niagara Health Foundation; building maintenance personnel from BGIS; and hospital staff and stakeholders, plans have been created by Gauld Nurseries Ltd. to take advantage of the existing concrete walkways, benches, pergolas, lighting, flowering trees and other amenities already in place to create a full and extensive perennial garden that will fulfill Clarice's vision. Already heavily used by staff, patients and visitors alike, easily accessible from all parts of the hospital, and removed from the major parking and entry areas, this site offers the perfect opportunity for a quiet, restful garden. The walkway's centre and midpoint features the "Labyrinth", an area of etched circles on the concrete used by Mental Health at the hospital to recognize patients as they make “their Journey back to Health”.
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For more information on the Clarice West-Hobbs Contemplative Garden, Contact Committee Chair Eric Jones.