The Rotary Club of St. Catharines Lakeshore is pleased to announce it has been selected as one of 22 Projects across the Province of Ontario to receive a $4000 Cdn grant from the Retired Teachers of Ontario (RTOERO) in support of the Clarice West Hobbs Contemplative Garden at the St. Catharines Hospital Site.

Augmenting a $500 donation made directly by RTOERO’s local District 14 Niagara itself and the support of many, many individual RTOERO members across the Region, visitors, patients and staff now enjoy a quiet and restful Garden. Phase 1 of the Garden is situated on the western side of the building, exposed to the full afternoon and evening sun, in an area that’s easily accessible from all parts of the hospital. “It’s the perfect spot for respite and peaceful contemplation”, says Bill Doyle President, District 14 Niagara, RTOERO.
This $4000 Grant from RTOERO will be invaluable in completing Phase 1 of this project for 2022 and serve as a launching pad for Phase 2 of the Garden to come in 2023”, according to  Rotary Club Garden Chairperson Eric Jones while accepting the cheque at the November 17th meeting or FTOERO in Niagara Falls.. “On behalf of the Club membership, we are incredibly grateful for the support from RTOERO provincially, District 14 Niagara regionally and the many donations received from RTOERO members individually towards the Garden.
This Grant was awarded to the Rotary Club of St. Catharines Lakeshore as part of RTOERO’s annual community grants program. For 2022, RTOERO funded 22 projects across the province for a total of $87,471.00.  “Across Niagara, grassroots actions can stitch a community together. Seniors, children, the most vulnerable and the environment alike can all use support. That’s the idea behind the grants program, whose impact is felt widely,” says Martha Foster, chair of the board at RTOERO. “Our members care about their communities, and in partnership with great organizations, that translated into action on the ground. We believe in a better future, together”. Since the inception of the community grants program 22 years ago, RTOERO has donated $1.9 million to more than 525 programs and projects.
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For complete details on Clarice herself, the Garden Plans, and to donate, click here to go to the Clarice West Hobbs Contemplative Garden website.

Receiving the $4000 Cheque at the RTOERO Meeting

Clarice West Hobbs Contemplative Garden Chair addresses RTOERO District 14 Niagara Membership on November 17
(Left to right) Chereen Osborne, Past President District 14 Niagara RTOERO; Bill Doyle President, District 14 Niagara; Eric Jones

The latest Garden photos at the conclusion of Phase 1 (Early October 2022)